Trumpet Accessories

Ultra-Pure Valve Oil $6 (great for valves)                                           

Hetman Piston oil $6  (great for valves)

Hetman light slide oil $6  (great for 3rd valve slides) 

Selmer 2492 Tuning Slide grease $4 

Yamaha trumpet snake $6.99 (for cleaning out the trumpet)

Tuner/Metronome: Korg TM-50 $29.99

Tuner App for smart phones: TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner $4

Metronome: Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome $21.99


Bach 3C $56

FAXX 3C $25

Practice Mute (creates resistance and helps you not annoy the neighbors)

Protech Liberty $27.99

Denis Wick DW5526 $34.95

Best Brass $95

Beginning Instruments

Instead of buying a beginning trumpet we highly recommend you borrow a horn from the school until you can afford a new or used intermediate horn.

Intermediate Instruments

King 2055 Silver Flair $1500                                                                                    Medium Large Bore, Brass or Silver, choice of first valve saddle or trigger

Getzen 590 Capri $1359                                                                                  Medium Large Bore, availabe in Brass or Silver

Yamha YTR-4335GII $1384                                                                               Medium Large Bore, availabe in silver or brass, 2 piece bell         


Professional Instruments

Bach Stradivarius 180S37 $2689                                                                       37 Bell, 25 pipe Medium Large bore, silver plate

Yamaha Xeno 8335II ML $2536                                                                   New Xeno Model, yellow brass, Medium Large Bore

Adams A5-FG $2705                                                                                   Gold Laquer, Medium Lare Bore

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