Hetman Piston oil $6  (great for valves)

Ultra-Pure Valve Oil $6                                                                                      Non-Toxic, light and fast.

Superslick Cleaning Snake $6                                                                          Flexible snake that cleans out the inside of slides.

Tuner/Metronome: Korg TM-50 $29.99

Tuner App for smart phones: TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner $4

Metronome: Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome $21.99


Bach 5G small bore $71 or large bore $73

FAXX 5G large bore $35

Intermediate Horns

Jupiter 470 $1597 - $1947                                                                                   Fine instrument, great value, available in brass or silver

Yamaha 321 $2250 - 2488                                                                               Non- compensating, very popular horn, available in brass or silver plate.

Eastman 421 $1199.00                                                                                              Copy of the Yamaha 321, Available in brass or silver plate.

Professional Horns

Yamaha 842S $7348                                                                                                  Premier compensating euphonium, in a heavier traditional British Style.  

Adams Custom $6550 - 8280                                                                                               Made to order in the Netherlands with several option to choose from

Miraphone M5050 $7450                                                                             Large German euphonium, beautiful horn, plays wonderfully.

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