Bass Trombone

Basic Accessories

Yamaha Trombone Slide Oil $8                                                                       Easy to apply, one bottle solution.  Clean slide, put a couple drops per slide.

Ultra-Pure Slide Lube $6 (England’s favorite)                                                                            Easy to apply, does not separate under heat.  Clean slide, put a couple of drops per slide.

Trombotine $3                                                                                           Slide cream,  one tube will last for a couple of years.  For slides that may be noisy.

Ultra-Pure Valve Oil $6                                                                                      Non-Toxic, light and fast.

Superslick Cleaning Snake $6                                                                          Flexible snake that cleans out the inside of slides.

Tuner/Metronome: Korg TM-50 $29.99

Tuner App for smart phones: TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner $4

Metronome: Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome $21.99


Bach 1 1/2G $73

FAXX 1.5G $35

Stork 1S $80

Schilke 58 $70

Intermediate Instruments

Getzen Eterna 1052FD $3109                                                                         Great horn, independent valves, available in yellow or rose brass bells

Professional Instruments

Shires Artist Custom $5334 - $5712                                                             Complete custom horn with a range of bells and valve types to try.  This is what England plays.

Yamaha YBL-822G $4435                                                                                 Doug Yeo model trombone, Big sound, dependent valves

Yamaha YBL-830 $4209                                                                                           New Xeno model with independent valve, big sound

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