On this page you will find the documents that we have sent home with the students.  I know that most of the things I send home do not make it past our students’ lockers so I will upload them here for the parents to view.

Classroom Handouts

2018.19 Music Calendar


Bob Sanders Warm up MP3s

New Bob Sanders Warm up Pdf's

Intonation Handouts

Just Intonation Chart

Clarinet Pinky Guide

Program Donation Letter

Challenge Form

Scale Sheets

Piano Handout

Music Booster Information

Music Booster Membership Form

Music Parents Guide

Music Booster By-Laws

Class Syllabi (updated to 2018-19)

Symphonic Band Syllabus

Jazz Band Syllabus

Middle School Advanced Band Syllabus

Middle School Concert Band Syllabus

String Orchestra Syllabus

Helpful Handouts

Woodwind Fingering Guides                                                                        Includes alternate fingerings as well as trill charts for all woodwinds

Instrument Suggestions

Trumpet Fingering Chart 

French Horn Fingering Chart

Trombone Slide Position Chart

Euphonium Bass Clef Fingering Chart

Euphonium Treble Clef

Tuba Fingering Chart

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